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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tiggers out, Timberwolves take over-

At the elementary school just on the other side of the block from Wasted Electons World Headquarters. I was pretty surprised this morning to see a front page- although localized story on Yahoo that I recognized about the re-opening of Taylor Elementary School all bright and shiny and sporting a new name- Taylor Canyon Elementary and a new mascot, a Timberwolf.

My kids are long out of elementary school but I think Taylor school is a neat place and I'm pleased to see it re-opened, fixed up and used for the local kids. It was disheartening to me and I suppose other neighbors when it was closed and boarded up and now that it is opening, I think it brings some energy and vibrancy to our little part of town. There's some heavy equipment operating over there right now that I can hear through the window and it pleases me to know that the old building is getting a fresh face for a new generation of kids.

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